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A Lesbian Super Heroine Fetish Parody centered around Batgirl. With 3 exciting girl on girl scenes. Including Super Villainess using their sexual powers and orgasms to breakdown Batgirl. Includes Girl on girl sex, Strap-on, Catfight, Domination, Helpless Super Heroine, Bondage, and lots of drama and sexual tension!


Part 1 - HELPLESS BATGIRL, Catwoman vs Batgirl

Starring: Chrissy Marie as Batgirl and Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman

Summary: Catwoman is gloating over her latest jewelry robbery. Batgirl finds the Pussy Cat in her lair but unfortunately for Batgirl Catwoman has a dirty trick up her sleeve to render Batgirl quickly helpless. Suddenly limp and sleepy Batgirl will get fondled, kissed and stripped for Catwoman's enjoyment. Unable to defend herself. Then too excited to have touched and kissed Batgirl. She will will satisfy herself with an orgasm as Batgirl still at her mercy, struggles, tied up and gagged at her feet. But this isn't enough for Catwoman, she needs to know. Who is Batgirl?  

Part 2 - BATGIRL DEFEATED, Catwoman vs Batgirl

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman and Crystal Clark as Batgirl

Summary: Batgirl walks in a trap and gets caught in Catwoman's freeze gas. Later, she wakes up in stringent bondage. Medieval Style, bend over with her hands restrained in a standing wooden stock!

What an incredibly humiliating position to be standing and bend over this way, unable to move or to free herself.

Catwoman welcomes her with her evil laugh and reveals to her that she was paid a big expensive diamond to get rid of her. She continues by telling her that Gotham city has enough Bat super heroes anyway and that she does not mind getting rid of her at all...

Batgirl won't give up, she is feisty and will do everything in her power to try to convince Catwoman to let her free. Catwoman does not want to hear it. Instead she decides to punish the Purple Bat for all the trouble she had caused her over the past years. Corporal punishment, Lesbian domination, Smothering and Sexual Discipline... all to break down that fiery, mouthy red head bat!

Part 3 - BATGIRL FOR SALE, Black Cat vs Batgirl

Starring: Chrissy Marie as Batgirl and Anastasia Pierce as Black Cat

SummaryBatgirl comes to find Black Cat following rumors of illegal sex trafficking. Black cat is pleased since she  is the one who has been spreading those rumors and it bought Batgirl straight to her, just want she wanted. It also happens that the sex trafficking she is doing is: selling super heroines to high bidder and someone just happen to be VERY interested in Batgirl. The two heroines will fight out their disagreement and Batgirl will soon get overpowered by Black Cat. The naughty kitten will then need to calm herself down with some masturbation after fondling batgirl but it doesn't stop there.... so much is yet to happen to Batgirl!

Plus, She wants to test the merchandise herself!

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