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BLACK CAT VS BATWOMAN, NEW Release October 2014 in High Definition
Starring:Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James

A new line of Super-Heroine Parody, Starring Anastasia Pierce as Black Cat and Kendra James as Batwoman.

Two action packed adventures! with Catfight scenes, lesbian sex, fetish, domination, traps and perils!

The clip features: Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James, Black Cat, Batwoman, Peril, Authentic super-heroine costumes, cosplay, fighting,  stripping, Super-Heroine, Super-Villain, mesmerize, probability manipulation, reality alteration, Mind Control, Bondage, humiliation, pantyhose destruction, SHIP, parody, forced orgasm, female domination, girl-girl, kissing, fondling, oral sex, peril and much more!

In the second adventure: Scarlet Witch VS Black Widow

Both Scarlet Witch (Anastasia Pierce) and Black Widow (Goldie Blair) have been hired to intercept and arrest a night club owner. They don't know they are on the same mission until they run into each other. Both wanting the reward. They fight out who will get to him first. The fight is intense and Black Widow gets the upper hand by using one of her dirty trick: her "Widow's Kiss" ; a powerful instant knock out gas. Which will put Scarlet Witch out of commission.

But there is a reverse of situation and things become more intense when they find themselves both tied up back to back inside the night club. Their breasts exposed and tight ropes all around their bodies.

After some struggling Scarlet Witch manages to free herself and is ready to get back on with her mission but not until the makes Black Widow pay for putting her out with her "Widow's kiss" . Pay back time is very personal and dirty for Scarlet Witch but the adventure doesn't stop there… and Black Widow will soon finds herself out of time!

The Clip features: Anastasia Pierce, Goldie Blair, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Peril, Authentic Super-heroine costumes, cost play, fighting, sleepy, stripping, super-heroine, super-villain, bondage, humiliation, gag, SHIP, knockout, female domination, big natural boobs, girl-girl, struggling, fondling, fingering, peril and so much more! 

Product ID: APV75

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