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Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman, Jean Bardot as Harley Quinn and Crystal Clark as Batgirl

PART 1: BATGIRL DEFEATED, Catwoman vs Batgirl

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman and Crystal Clark as Batgirl

Synopsis: Batgirl walks in a trap and gets caught in Catwoman's freeze gas. Later, she wakes up in stringent bondage. Medieval Style  in  a wooden stock! 
Standing and bend over in an incredibly humiliating position and unable to move or to free herself.

Catwoman welcomes her with her evil laugh and reveals to her that she was paid a big diamond to get rid of her. And that Gotham city has enough Bat super heroes anyway and that she does not mind at all. But Batgirl is feisty and does everything in her power to try to convince Catwoman to let her out. Catwoman does not want to hear it. Instead she decides to punish the Purple Bat for all the trouble she has caused to her over the past years. With Corporal punishment, Smothering and Sexual Discipline..

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman, Crystal Clark as Batgirl, Authentic super heroine  legendary costumes, SHIP, Bondage, Bondage Device, wooden stock, humiliation, smothering, punishment, Domination, Girl-Girl, Oral Sex, Pussy Lapping, Damsel in distress, Strap-on,  Orgasms, Cosplay, Helpless, Captive, Super-heroine in distress in a trap with Lesbian sex.


Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman and Jean Bardot as Harley Quinn

Synopsis: The story takes place between two fellow agents who work for the same agency. Anastasia is insanely jealous of Jean who seems to be getting all the credit at the agency with her full security clearance.Anastasia sets up a trap to get rid off Jean and to replace her as Catwoman once for all. But she has no idea what is about to take place and how her plan is going to backfire on her.

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman, Jean Bardot as Harley Quinn, wet and Messy, Nylon Encasement, shiny pantyhose and amazing and authentic super-heroine costumes, SHIP, attitude, heated conversations, parody, cosplay, humiliation, Interrogation, undressing, liquid metal, bondage, nylon cocoon, nylon encasement,  struggling, electricity, brain control, brain fried,  super villain, super heroine, mind control, mind alteration, paralysis, freeze, alter ego, human statue, liquid gold, super-heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation


The adventure starts with Black Cat in her love nest, in the attic waiting for Spider Man. He is suppose to join her and has left a spider web for her to get tied and tangled. But he is no where to be seen. Late for their date, as always. Probably going from roof to roof saving the city. 

Black Cat is not to thrilled to have been stood up. She is horny and was looking forward to some action. Frustrated about the wait, she decides to start without him. First by getting lost and tied up in his web, with his DNA all over her, getting her turned on beyond words. Once she is all worked up, she will start stripping, while talking dirty and touching herself to a powerful orgasm. 

Then she decides to do something really bad to get piss off Spider Man who did not show up.

She is going to go steal the Pink Heart, a Giant Diamond who belongs to the Pink Panther

Black Cat has made her way to the vault, she is so close to the diamond. She just need to find the laser grid and avoid setting off the alarm system!She is very clever and a master thief and will manage to get to the diamond, but what she does NOT KNOW is that the Pink Panther is watching her and has different plans for her.

Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Black Cat, Authentic super-heroine costume, masturbation, parody, erotic narration, some POV, dirty talk, eye contact, self bondage, spider web, inflatable dildo ball, blow jobs, boobs bouncing, mind control, mind alteration, super villain, mesmerized, reality alteration, SHIP, distress, caged, explicit, unseen villain, security camera, forced into humiliation, super-heroine in distress.

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