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Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X, Karrlie Dawn, Erin Sinclaire & Madison Young

The movie starts with incredible and surreal shots of a young Anastasia covered of clothe pins.‭ ‬Every inches of her body pinched by wooden clamps.‭ ‬You will get to travel to the intimate parts of her skin and discover just how far she is willing to go.‭ ‬After pulling the pins off she will show you just how proud she is of her deep marks.‭ ‬Next is Ariel X turn.‭ ‬This naughty girl is up for a treat when she visits Anastasia and her strap-on.‭ ‬A rough and crude Anastasia will make Ariel show off all her assets and get her pussy wet and ready for the hard pounding that is about to follow‭! ‬Then it's Anastasia turn to get dominated.‭ ‬This time by Madison Young.‭ ‬Who is kinky and in the mood for rough handling and clover clamps.‭ ‬After the disciplining,‭ ‬Anastasia will get rewarded with a big thigh,‭ ‬strap-on to satisfy her craving.‭ ‬Next is Karrlie's turn.‭ ‬Who is new and can't decide whether tickling or spanking is more intense.‭ ‬Finally we meet Erin and her first public session.‭ ‬Sensuality will be at the menu of this long and thorough session.‭ ‬With all kinds of training and discipline,‭ ‬the newbie is introduced to many predicament and so many pleasures...

90‭ ‬minutes of incredibly intense BDSM.‭ ‬Surreal shots and hard play are both part of this compilation.‭All models have a definite‭ “‬Fetish Instinct‭” ‬they enjoy exploring.‭ ‬Real domination,‭ ‬real submission scenes with all the beauty and pain it offers along the way.‭ ‬Spankings and strap-on poundings are often part of the scenarios.‭ ‬Make sure not to miss the scene with‭ ‬227‭ ‬wooden-clothe pins on Anastasia all at once.‭

Product ID: APV40

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