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Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Angela Sommers, Ashley Lane, Lauren Phillips

4 stories of Super Heroine Fetish Parodies. With classic characters center stage. All those stories include Girl-girl, Bondage and Fetish scenarios with great storylines and some very sexual comix fantasies.

Story 1 – Catatonic Trap – Batgirl vs Catwoman

Starring: Lauren Phillips as Batgirl and Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman 
Synopsis: Batgirl found Catwoman’s Lair and is ready to bring her in to the Gotham Police station. But Catwoman is not going to give up this easily or make it effortless for Batgirl, She has a secret device: "a Catatonic Trap". She will be using it and the sweet bat will soon finds herself in a jeopardizing situation and completely frozen... unable to move and unable to defend herself, her reputation or her body! What does Catwoman have in mind for her? Something devious, humiliating and perverted for sure. Prepare to watch Batgirl crumble...
Includes: Lauren Phillips as Batgirl, Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, SHIP, Super Villain, Fantasy, Peril, Trap, Liquid Catatonic, Bondage, Struggling, Freeze, Fondling, Forced Orgasm, Tape Gag , Orgasm, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Stripping, Freeze, Nude Bondage, Surprise Ambush, Humiliation, Forced Orgasm, Humiliation, De-masking, girl-girl , Big Bush, Breast Smother, Special FX, Super heroine in Distress.

Story 2 - Wonder Sisters – Wonder Woman vs The Amazon

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman and Angela Sommers as the Amazon, Donna Troy
Synopsis: Wonder Woman has received a letter from one of her Amazon Sister on Paradise Island. Something serious is going on... Wonder Woman’s mother (Queen Hyppolita) is not well, she has fallen into a deep depression and needs her daughter back on the Island as soon as possible. Donna is there to relay the message and bring Diana back. But Wonder Woman is not ready to leave the world of humans yet.. She wants to continue serving justice and doesn’t want to go back to Paradise Island. The reunion of the two loving sisters will take on a very dramatic tone..
Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Angela Sommers as the Amazon, Donna Troy, Deep Tongue Kissing, Girl-Girl, Loving Taboo Sisters, Bondage, Cat Fighting, Authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, Flogging, Punishment, Captive, Forced Orgasm, Humiliation, Cosplay, Surprise Attack, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Super-heroine in distress with bondage, sexual contacts and humiliation.

Story 3 – A Piece of the Action – Miss Robin vs Poison Ivy

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Miss Robin and Lauren Phillips as Poison Ivy 
Synopsis: Miss Robin is disregarding her duties for some entertainment. Even though Batwoman just called for her assistance Robin decided to make her wait a bit... There is always danger. And Danger there is! Right there, closer than she could ever think, at her own home! Poison Ivy is close by and ready to get on the action. Some villainess persuasion will be necessary once Miss Robin wakes up. Bend over Ivy's knees Robin will be get the spanking of her life time!!.. After some red hot punishments and interrogation Ivy is going to try a different approach to make Miss Robin speak and a very personal approach it is... Strapped with a green pheromone dildo, Ivy comes around and straddles Miss Robin, then begins thrusting deep into her making her moan in ecstasy. The energy builds and both both women are overtaken by the action.. Is Ivy going to manage to make this blonde bimbo speak once for all!! Or will she have to get rid of her forever??
Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Robin,Lauren Phillips as Poison Ivy, Surprise Attack, Bondage, OTK, Bare Bottom Spanking, Bondage, Struggling, Gag Talk, Weak, Helpless Girl-Girl, Lesbian Domination, Pheromones, Strap-on, blow job, Thrusting, Pleasure, Sex, Authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, Super Villain, Fondling, Fantasy, Humiliation, Parody, Cocoon, Struggling, Defiant, Super-Heroine in Distress, Peril, NO ESCAPE

Story 4 – Supergirl Phantasm – Supergirl vs Power Girl

Starring: Ashley Lane as Supergirl and Anastasia Pierce as Powergirl
Synopsis: Despite being a super heroine, Supergirl is shy, young and all giggly at the idea that her Boss Miss Grant just payed her a compliment without knowing that Kara is the real Supergirl! Turned on by the circumstances Supergirl will phantasm at what it would be like if they were two of her defending the city! But her phantasm turns into a dark fantasy, where her older and curvier alter Ego Power Girl takes over. Powerfully and Sexually. It's a phantasm where they can only be one! The strongest is in charge, powerfully dominating, flogging, pinching nipples, tying up Supergirl and inserted in deep a metal pussy hook keeping her submissive and in check. All before Power Girl decides to ...
Includes: Ashley Lane as Supergirl, Anastasia Pierce as Powergirl, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, SHIP, Lesbian Domination, Solo Masturbation, Costume Reveal, Fantasy, Trap, Nipple pinching, Flogging, Pantyhose destruction, Bondage, Struggling, Fondling, PUSSY HOOK , Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Stripping, Humiliation, Sexual Exploitation, Forced Orgasm, Girl-girl, Super heroine in Distress.

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