Leia Strikes Back

Leia Strikes Back

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Leia Strikes Back
- Super Heroine Fetish Parodies -
This is the full episode of LEIA STRIKES BACK.
It contains 3 parts: Part 1: LightSaber Fight Part 2: Interrogation Part 3: Carbonite Freeze
Star Wars Parody Fantasy - Princess Leia in Peril with female stormtroopers and Lady Vader
Synopsis: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Leia has just arrived on cloud city.
She received information that Han is there waiting for her in the parliament of the Guilds
Together they are going to plan their next move against the Empire.

But there is no signs of the Rebels. Leia finds herself alone one more time.
It's a trap setup by Lady Vader...

Will Leia's Jedi training be enough to defeat the dark side?

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Princess Leia, Amelea Dark as Stormtrooper, Lady Vader. Authentic super heroine sci-fi legendary costumes, SHIP, double dominations, the Force, super villain, humiliation, peril, cosplay, fighting, lightsabers, sic-fi, punching, 2 against 1, boots, pantyhose, uniforms, nipple twisting, gropping, flogging, electricity, torment, discipline, strap-on, interrogation, bondage, domination, demasking, girl girl, penetration, hardcore, pantyhose destruction, oral sex, orgasms, Carbon Freeze, Carbonite, Heavy Rubber, doom, peril, vacuum bed, latex, forced orgasm, bondage, fetish, parody, sci-fi, breast worship, punishments, uniforms, nudity, explicit, bound, the dark side. super-heroine in peril with bondage and humiliation. Distress, NO escape, Doom.

Also includes
Princess Leia Tied up Peepshow

Two parts in one adventure; Peepshow, POV Dominated, humiliating masturbation and Tied up damsel!!

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"
"Far away from her native Earth and all living creatures, Princess Leia is awaiting for the Rebels arrival.
Together they must continue their journey and do everything in their power to stop the Empire.
But, there has been no signs and no communication from Han, or anyone else for a very long time now.Han departed for Cloud City almost a month ago.
The Princess hope to see the Rebels arrive soon.She is lonely and helpless until their return in the far reaches of space behind one of the three red moons of Vega"
Suddenly a voice over the inter-stellar system starts communicating with Princess Leia. She has no idea she is talking to Darth Vader. He offers to give her a ride to Cloud City if she obeys and does everything he ask her to do. Thats how she gets tricked into doing the unthinkable indignities a princess should never do but it doesn't stop there. Leia will soon finds herself at the mercy of The Dark Lord in a more dangerous situation!Watch Leia like you have never seen before. POV style.

This is a parody.

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Princess Leia, Lapo Plissken as the voice of Darth Vader, Authentic super heroine sci-fi legendary costumes, POV, Domination, Peepshow, SHIP, Super villain, orgasms, masturbation, humiliation, peril, cosplay, stripping, slave, bondage, gag, damsel in distress, boots, bare legs, fetish, tease, blow job, gag talk, 10 INCH toy, oversized dildo, parody, sci-fi, sheer outfit, nylon, breast worship, punishments,, nudity, explicit, bound, bondage, struggling, ropes, the dark side. super-heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation.

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