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A Silky Pantyhose Fetish movie for Nylon lovers with 5 scenes, POV and girl girl included!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Carissa Montgomery, Kendra James, Christina Carter, Samantha Grace


Part 1 - Milf in Wet Shiny Pantyhose POV

I know how much you love shiny nude pantyhose on a woman’s curve. My experience, my dirty talk and instructions will turn you on so much while you stare at my shapely legs covered in shiny nylon.I will get them wet and transparent. You will have to serve me and lick me through them. While you stroke for me and my beautiful nylons. 

Cum all over my wet shiny pantyhose!

Part 2 - Silky Persuasion Lesbians (38 min)

Starring: Kendra Jame, Samantha Grace and Anastasia Pierce

Summary: Samantha seduces door to door hosiery saleswoman Kendra and turns her into her nylon slut through silky persuasion

Kendra James is a nylon/pantyhose and stockings sales woman going door to door. Samantha has opened her door and invited the gorgeous redhead in her house. As it starts, she joins the redhead in her living in just black lingerie, sheer nude stockings and pumps. She quickly realize that Kendra is very attracted to her long legs and confront the sexy sales woman and dare her to get dominated by her nylons. Samantha overpowers Kendra, strips her down from her silk blouse, fondles her body, ties her hands behind her back and make her submit to her feet and legs. Making her moan and edging her. Sliding her silky smooth nylon covered feet between Kendra legs. 

Part 3 - Ultra Shiny Black Pantyhose Domination and Worship POV

Part 4 - Mistress Nylon Lesbians (40 min)

Starring: Christina Carter and Carissa Montgomery

Summary: Mistress Nylon aka Christina Carter owns a dungeon. Her client did not show up and Carissa her Secretary offers to fill in for him. Mistress Nylon is not sure that Carissa has what it takes to be a real silky secretary nylon slut and will train her with a tender touch, while using strict techniques and a wicked tongue.

The Silky secretary is responsive, expressive and always devoted to her Mistress. She is also secretly infatuated with her and years to be romantically involved with her and will do what ever it takes to impress the Mistress

Part 5 - Ultra Shiny Nude Pantyhose Domination and Worship POV 

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