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Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Ashley Lane, Kendra James, Samantha Grace

1 Hour 28 minutes

4 stories featuring one of the most popular comic book character with big boobs: POWER GIRL.
All those stories include girl-girl, lesbian domination, bondage and Fetish Scenarios with great story lines and sexual comix fantasies.


Starring: Ashley Lane as Supergirl and Anastasia Pierce as Powergirl

Synopsis: Despite being a super heroine, Supergirl is shy, young and all giggly at the idea that her Boss Miss Grant just payed her a compliment without knowing that Kara is the real Supergirl!

Turned on by the circumstances Supergirl will phantasm at what it would be like if they were two of her defending the city! But her phantasm turns into a dark fantasy, where her older and curvier alter Ego Power Girl takes over. Powerfully and Sexually.

It's a phantasm where they can only be one! The strongest is in charge, powerfully dominating, flogging, pinching nipples, tying up Supergirl and inserted in deep a metal pussy hook keeping her submissive and in check. All before Power Girl decides to ...

Includes: Ashley Lane as Supergirl, Anastasia Pierce as Powergirl, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, SHIP, Lesbian Domination, Solo Masturbation, Costume Reveal, Fantasy, Trap, Nipple pinching, Flogging, Pantyhose destruction, Bondage, Struggling, Fondling, PUSSY HOOK , Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Stripping, Humiliation, Sexual Exploitation, Forced Orgasm, Girl-girl, Super heroine in Distress.


Starring: Samantha Grace as Catwoman and Anastasia Pierce as Power Girl

Summary: In a previous episode. Power Girl had been crossed by evil Supergirl who extracted some of her Kryptonian milk to sell on the black market.

Since then, Catwoman bought some of that milk and she loves the way it makes her feel. Stronger and faster than ever. She loves the power it gives her.

Unfortunately for Catwoman, she has been over indulging milk martinis and all that milk is gone.

She needs to get her paws on more… but this time straight from the
source itself -Power Girl!

Catwoman will lure the Super Heroine into her residence and use one of her many stollen gems. A cryptonite diamond to subdue Power Girl!

Soon enough, the Super Heroine will be weak and helpless. And Catwoma will humiliate her and extract her precious powerful milk one more time!

But Catwoman is very clever and she has done some research. She has found out, that when Power Girl orgasm she will be producing more powerful milk and a bigger quantity!

Catwoman being greedy wants it all, every drop she can get. So the Super Villain will be compromising the Super Heroine in such an evil way!!

Includes: Samantha Grace as Classic Catwoman, Anastasia Pierce as Power Girl, Trap, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, SHIP, kryptonite, Special FX, Bondage, Sleepy, Groping, Breast Pumping, Breast Milking, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Super Heroine in distress, Big Natural titts, boob bouncing, Super Villainess, girl-girl, lesbian domination, fucking machine, lots of moaning, multiple orgasms, humiliation, long hair fetish. Super heroine in Distress, Peril , NO Escape


Starring: Kendra James as Rana Aranta and Anastasia Pierce as Power Girl

Summary: Rana Aranta is seeking revenge after her planet was destroyed by the Czar of Hazaar. Rana once approached Power Girl at a convention seeking her help but Power Girl dismissed her thinking she was just a delusional Stanford Graduate looking for attention. Too busy with her fans to realize what was happening.

Little did she know at the time, that Planet Aranta would soon be distroyed and it’s entire population eliminated and gone for ever!

Last survivor of Aranta, Rana is furious about what happened and is determined to make Power Girl pay for her lack of help and compassion that she once showed.

Holding Power Girl responsible for everything that happened to her people. Aranta will be punishing and draining the Super Heroine of her Powers using her force of Mind Tricks and Control to weaken her. Then using Kryptonite charged devices and a transfering Power Girl force and ability through her week point: Orgasms!
All her powers and abilities will get transfered to Aranta, including her strength her agility. Leaving the Super Heroine powerless.
Power Girl will then be transported to an abandoned and empty planet where she will be left wandering and roaming prisoner on this empty planet for eternity.

Includes: Kendra James as Comic Book Character Rana Aranta, Anastasia Pierce as PowerGirl, Mind Tricks, Mind Control, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, SHIP, kryptonite, Shot on Location in the desert and in studio, Bondage, Discipline, Lesbian Domination, Groping, Breast Play, Breast Torment, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Super Heroine in distress, Big Natural titts, boob bouncing, Clamps, Super Villainess, girl-girl, lesbian domination, double orgasms, forced orgasms, lots of moaning, multiple orgasms,

humiliation. Super heroine in Distress, Peril , NO Escape


Power Girl was alerted of some trouble in the local library. Ready to take on the danger she instigate the premises and doesn’t see anyone there. She has no idea that she is being watched and about to deal with some supernatural activity.

Power Girl is tough and fearless but she doesn’t know that she is no match to the malicious spirits! The Spirits decided to play tricks on her, humiliating her and embarassing her. Zapping her clothes off, exposing her body making her embarassed and helpless against them.

They make her clohes disappear exposing her giant breasts and pantyhose cover crotch. Until they rip the nylons appart.

But it doesn’t stop there the spirits are really malicious and they gag her, tie her up, put painful nipple clamps on her. Power Girl will plead and beg to make the spirits stop but instead. They beat her up and give her an unexpected forced orgasm!!!

Includes: ENF, Embarrassed Nude Super Heroine, Supernatural Activity, Clothe zapping, Special FX, POV, Humor, Super Heroine in Distress, Nipples Clamps, Gag, Bondage, forced Orgasm, Ghost, Spirits, Magic Control, Embarrassment, Pantyhose Destruction, Humiliation, Curvy, Blonde, Pantyhose, Damsel in Distress

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