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A Super Heroine and Fetish Parody Sexy Heroines Super Heroine Fetish Parodies. With Super Heroine characters center stage. All four stories include Special FX, Girl-girl, Bondage and Fetish scenarios with great storylines and some very sexual comix fantasies. 

Part 1 – Sonic Captive, Black Canary vs Catwoman 

Starring: Samantha Grace as Catwoman and Anastasia Pierce as Black Canary 

Summary: Recently Catwoman captured Power Girl to extract her Kryptonian Breast Milk to drink it and thus making her more powerful. The news was not taken well by anyone, and some have decided that she went too far. Her arrogance and doings should be punished. Amongst the ones looking for Catwoman is super curvaceous Black Canary. She will track the Kitty and arrest her to cash the bounty that was placed on her turning her to the authorities. As you might already know, Black Canary has a weakness for beautiful women and her lesbian instincts will kick in when she sees the Beautiful Pussy Cat. Black Canary will want to toy with that sexy kitten… But first Black Canary needs to capture Catwoman. For that she will be using her special talents! Get ready for her powerful Sonic scream who will tame the Wild Cat and render her docile on the ground like a sweet little kitten.. Black Canary will then really enjoy playing with her prey. watching her struggle, caging her. Watching her moan and making her pussy wet and clit very swollen.. 

Part 2 – Batgirl Brainwashed, Catwoman vs Batgirl 

Starring: Carissa Montgomery and Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman 

Summary: Naive Batgirl thinks she can simply arrest Catwoman. But once again she finds herself in trouble and this time it is serious! Catwoman had decided to apprehend and "test" Batgirl. She will be cuffed and given a special solution prepared by Poisoin Ivy. Soon the Super Heroine will be lossoing her state of consciousness and following humiliating orders given by Catwoman! Completely brainwashed she and reprogramed she will become Catwoman sex slave and personal maid! 

Part 3 – Public Disgrace 

Starring: Tiffani Addams as Americana and Anastasia Pierce as the End Game Hostess 

Summary: Americana track down the Hostess secret rooms compound. But the Hostess is awaiting her arrival. Both Women fight fairly until the Hostess gets the upper hand. Americana wakes up tied up in one of the Hostess Rooms. To a giant metal spider web and a video camera is broadcasting her live to the public. Her public disgrace has just started. The Hostess is determined to have fun with Americana. Humiliating her in front of everyone. The public will be interacting with the Super Heroine damsel. Mocking her…judging... The Hostess will also use some magic control to make the process even more entertaining. The Super heroine has no choice but to comply. Ashamed, broken she will be doing what is instructed by the hostess. Dancing, stripping, following orders… how far will it go? 

Part 4 – Batgirl's Revenge, Batgirl vs Catwoman 

Starring: Carissa Montgomery as Batgirl and Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman 

Summary: Batgirl surprises Catwoman with one of her own super villain gadget. After their confrontation Catwoman is left unresponsive. Batgirl observe, fondles the pussy cat and decides to get her revenge on her. Batgirl is not soon going to forget that she was humiliated when Catwoman had her dirty paws all over her and turned her into a sex slave and personal maid. Overpowered by the Bat, Catwoman will be forced to cum with some well orchestrated orgasm control and deep strap-on fucking by Batgirl which will make this pussy purrr, loose control and scream out loud! Batgirl ecstatic will be ridding Catwoman with her big cock showing a lot of enthusiasm as she destroys her ego, self respect and embarrasses her against her will.. The Dirty Pussy Cat has no choice but to take it!!!

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