Sexy Heroines

Sexy Heroines

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Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Dee Williams, Nyssa Nevers, Kendra James, Jewell Marceau

1 Hour 31 minutes

A Super Heroine and Fetish Parody Sexy Heroines 

Super Heroine Fetish Parodies. With Super Heroine characters center stage. All five stories include Special FX, Girl-girl, Bondage and Fetish scenarios with great storylines and some very sexual comix fantasies. 

Part 1 – Wonder Woman Orgasmic 
Summary: A gift was delivered for Wonder Woman's Birthday. An erotic magic gift that will take possession of her mind and control her. Suddenly Wonder Woman is aroused, stripping, licking and sucking her magnificent big natural breast and masturbating. She can't keep her hands off to herself. Masturbating with a powerful hitachi and then with her finger deep inside of her. Many body shaking orgasm leaving wonder woman quite satisfied! 

A very sensual and sexual video of wonder woman like you have not yet seen her before. And a must see if you like big natural breasts! 

Part 2 and Part 4 - Identity Crisis, 1 and 2 
Summary: 3 Super heroines (Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman) have been apprehended by black belt Ninja -Mind Stealer. All 3 Super Heroines are under the Mental powers of the Super Villainess. All three controlled and . They are brought to a secret location. 

The Super villainess will be checking on her captive "testing" their state of consciousness. Enjoying her time with her captive by groping them, zapping them with electricity and humiliating them in front of each other with a triple forced Orgasm. Then only, will she be ready to start swapping bodies... 

Her rich clients hired her to find "perfect' bodies to be transferred to Super Villainess will get body swapped into SuperHeroines using her mind control abilities and special powers! 

Part 3 – The Lucky One 
Summary: Both Scarlet Witch and Psylocke have received an e-mail from Wolverine to accompany him to Japan on a mission. Both Super Heroine wants to join him and get to know him much better… but only one can go! 

They will test their powers in a test of strength and when they can not settle who is the strongest, they decide to play a game of chance. The rules are the looser will not only will be missing out on the trip she will also get fucked by the other girl by a thick and long strap-on! 

Part 5 – Delirium 
Summary: Supergirl breaks in a secure location and finds the bust of Nefertiti which was stollen recently at the central museum. She suspected that Catwoman was behind it. But what she did NOT KNOW is that the Alabaster Bust has magical powers. Suddenly Supergirl finds herself under the influence of the artifact and begins to hallucinating. When she comes back to her senses. She realizes that she has been bound to a table. Her arms and legs slowly being stretched, until far apart on this medieval style wooden rack by Catwoman. 

A perilous situation for the Super Heroine who during her psychotic episode is having visions of her mother long gone, being right there in the room with her. Encouraging Supergirl to find strength within. 

Catwoman is entertained by the delirium and will continues to stretch further apart the weak Supergirl. Supergirl is overwhelmed and near the end as Catwoman relentlessly keep on stretching the super heroine further and further. Her body will soon give up if she doesn’t stop! 

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. More artifact will be introduced in the story since Catwoman is fascinated by ancient Egypt and happens to have “collected” quite a collection of magical object. Including: The skull of Totankhamon…

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