The Great Zatanna

The Great Zatanna

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Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna, Carissa Montgomerry as Miss Robin, Star Nine as Batgirl

PART 1: ZATANNA BEHIND THE MIRROR, Magic Gone Wrong - The Origin -

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna, both good and evil

Synopsis:  I am taking you on a journey to discover how Zatanna went Rogue. 

Things go wrong when a very special magic trick and spell is executed by Zatanna as she is rehearsing for her upcoming magic show.
She will find herself stuck in peril, behind in a mirror. Talking and pleading her doppelganger to let her out and not go through with her evil plans! Poor Zatanna is trapped and helpless. Witnessing the most outrageous behavior from her bad self!
For those who enjoy a good dramatic story. Fall into the magic world of Zatanna and let her trap you too.

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna, Authentic super heroine legendary costume, SHIP, Trapped, Helpless, Peril, Good Story, Forced to watch, Sexual Content, Masturbation,  Shiny Pantyhose, Magic Tricks, Special FX, Doppelganger, Humiliation, Cosplay, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Super-heroine in distress  with no escape. Doom


Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna and Carissa Montgomerry as Miss Robin

Synopsis:  Miss Robin is feeling really frustrated with Batwoman, she feels like she is always handling all of the Superheroine tasks and is ready to become her own Superheroine.  
Like Magic, and from no where, a hidden message appear to contact Zatanna.
Zatanna is the magic superheroine Witch.
Intrigued, Miss Robin takes her on her invitation and visits her,  in her magic parlor. Curious, Miss Robin has no clue she is walking into a trap! 

Things are about to take a serious turn, once she gets introduced to Zatanna's Magic Groping Box....
Miss Robin is in for quite a surprise and soon she won't be able to resist..

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna,Carissa Montgomery as Miss Robin, Mesmerize, authentic super heroine  legendary costumes, SHIP, Bondage, magic, magic box, hand trap, smoking, magician, damsel in distress, humiliation, forced orgasm, cosplay, trap, helpless, super-heroine in distress with bondage, groping and humiliation 


Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna and Star Nine as Batgirl

Synopsis: Zatanna is still going rogue. She has captured Batgirl and is threatening her to blow her the city if she doesn't comply. Helpless, tied up Batgirl doesn't have a choice and has to sacrifice herself to save her beloved city. She has no idea what is about to happen when she steps in The Styro Trap. 

A white substance that will soon pull her beneath. Helplessly she will try to cling on for life but the more she moves, the more helpless she becomes and continues to sink.
The thick,white sand is trapping her and pulling her beneath. All while Zatanna laughs cruelly and observes the super-heroine wiggle her way under! 

She is in serious trouble doom is awaiting ahead! 

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna, Star Nine as Batgirl, Authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, Blackmail, Parody, Superheroine in Peril, Quicksand, Peril, Super Villain, Damsel in distress, Styro Sand, Wet, Quicksand, Wet and Messy, Trap, Doom

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