Vampire Huntress

Vampire Huntress

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Vampire Huntress

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Amelea Dark and Angela Sommers

Part 1 - Summon the Demon

Synopsis: Vampire hunter, Anastasia Van Helsing is back for another adventure. This time looking for a Vampire Queen named - Amelia Dark. 

She heard that paranormal activity has been taking place in an old mansion in the outskirt of town. Amelia was last seen close by. Anastasia decides to go investigate. She manages to make her way into the mansion. 

The atmosphere inside  is mysterious and candles are lighting up the room  Next to the entrance,  an ancient book  is open on an altar. It's a book of spells. It seems someone has been doing black magic and casting spells no long ago.

Anastasia very intrigued. She reads some of the spells and suddenly hears voices. These voices are calling her and guiding her to another room…

The vampire hunter follows them and they guide her to a hand hiding behind a curtain. The hand signals to her to approach.Everything seems harmless and Anastasia is not scared. She touches the hands and decides to find out what this is all about. The hands are exploring her body, touching her. Playing with her curves and fondling her. Anastasia is having fun and almost forgot about her mission. 

BUT that's when things take a turn... the hands become aggressive, they restrain her and become forceful... Anastasia is trapped! And the Vampire Queen is not far…

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Anastasia Van Helsing, Amelea Dark as Vampire Queen, Hand Trap, Gothic, Investigation, Vampire, SHIP, Bondage, mind control, Black Magic, Damsel in distress, Demon, Forced Orgasm, Pantyhose, Leather, boots, Strap-on, Girl-Girl, Fucking, Double Cock Vampire Kiss, Masturbation, Super Villain, blow job, dildo gag, lesbian sex,  spells, mind fuck, humiliation, cosplay, trap, helpless, super-heroine in distress with bondage , groping , humiliation and Peril, no Escape.

Part 2 - Dark Angels

Synopsis: Angela and Anastasia are prowling all over each other. These two vampires meet and explore each other body. They are hungry for sex and want to taste the other one flesh. Kissing and oral sex with fangs will turn you on like never before. The two amazons are are playing a game at who's better lover. Both girls will take turn to feel, touch and taste .. two dominant women in heat!

It's dangerously sexy

Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Angela Sommers, Dark Angels, Gothic, Slow, Sensual, Sexy, Vampire, Mesmerize, Love Addiction, Lesbians, Sex, Pussy Lickings, Amazons, Worship, Kiss, Fangs, Leather, boots, Corsets, Girl-Girl, Vampire Kisses, Masturbation, Trib, Voyeur, Super Villains, Explicit, Close-ups.

Part 3 - Into the Trap

Synopsis: Vampire hunter, Anastasia Van Helsing  and her long time enemy Calidora have accepted to meet to sign truce. 

When Anastasia enters the meeting Chamber, the walls close all around her. Then, the floor starts to retract under the vampire hunter and Calidora announces her doom destiny from a safe location.

Anastasia realizes that she has been lured into a trap; It's a QUICKSAND CHAMBER!

Is Calidora going to be able to get rid of her, for good?

Anastasia sees nothing but a pit of mud under and she knows that she will be in big trouble if she falls in it. Helplessly she tries to cling on for life but she is more and more helpless as the floor continues to shrink under her. Soon nothing is left and she falls into the mud pit.  The thick, dark, wet mud is trapping her and starting to pull her down. Our heroine will try to wiggle her way out but the mud keeps sinking her. These quicksand are deadly! She is in serious trouble and with every movements and every struggle she is getting in deeper. Soon she is all the way down to her hips, then to the waist, then to her neck all the way until she completely disappears…

Includes: See-through mesh catsuit, PVC corset and thigh high boots, Vampire Hunter, Peril, Superheroine, Damsel in distress, dark, mucky, wet mud, quicksand, wet and messy, chamber, retracting floor,perish, trap, Calidora, Anastasia Van Helsing.

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