Wonder Woman Sexed-Up

Wonder Woman Sexed-Up

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Super-Heroine  Fetish Parody Fantasy 

Wonder Woman Sexed-Up

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James and Angela Sommers

Part 1 : The Trophy Room 

Super Heroine Fetish Parody - Wonder Woman, Power Girl and the Collector

Synopsis: In a previous adventure Wonder Woman was caught and transformed into a statue by a rich women, an art collector.

Everyone has given up on ever finding Wonder Woman except her good friend Power Girl.  Since her disappearance Power Girl promised herself that she would continue looking for her until she finds her. 

And that day has finally arrived!

After following leads, Power Girl finds a sealed chamber, a trophy room at the top level of a warehouse owned by the Art Collector. In there, stands a frozen Wonder Woman under a sheet.The Rich Woman joins them in the chamber. She is not intimidated by Power Girl. On the contrary, she reveals that she wants to make her part of her collection too!

The Art Collector explains that Wonder Woman is in a frozen state and that her mind is completely blank. She uses a remote device to control her and freeze and unfreeze her.Power Girl is confused but before she can do anything she gets captured!!!

The adventure will take several turns.. with the power shifting in different directions..Come find out what will happen to your favorite Super-Heroine. 

Includes:  Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Kendra James as the Collector, Angela Sommers as Power Girl , Debooting, Trophy, Statue, Freeze, Frozen, Mind Fuck, Doll Fetish , Bondage, Pantyhose Fetish, Authentic super heroine  legendary costumes, SHIP, Mental Paralysis, Mind Control, Super Villain, Fantasy, Role Play, worship, licking,  Girl-Girl-Girl, Kryptonite, Nylon, Mind Control, Sex Slave, Forced Orgasm, Humiliation, Cosplay, Pussy Licking, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Super-heroine in distress with bondage, lots of sexual contacts and humiliation.

Part 2: Wonder Woman vs Sinestro

Super Heroine Fetish Parody - Wonder Woman vs Sinestro

Synopsis:  Wonder Woman is at Sinestro corp looking for a toxic solution that Sinestro has developed to destroy the city and everyone living in it. She manages to break her way into his lab where he keeps his poison. She gets her hand on it and is about to leave when Sinestro catches her red-handed. 

But the Villain has a inescapable trap waiting for her. An electrostatic net that will suddenly wrap itself around her!!! But it doesn't stop there. This villain has more humiliating waiting for Wonder Woman. 

Wait to see what happens to her!!. 

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Leo Cavallero as Sinestro,  Bondage, Authentic super heroine  legendary costumes, SHIP,  Laboratory, Trap, Electricity, Net, Unescapable Bondage, Tape Gag,  Captive, Forced Orgasm, Humiliation, Voyeur, Super villain, Cosplay, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Super-heroine in distress with bondage, sexual contacts and humiliation. Peril.  No escape.

Bonus Scene: Black Cat Caught

Synopsis: The adventure starts when Black Cat breaks in a luxurious hotel room to steal the 7 Wonders, one of the worlds most expensive diamond necklace. But she is quickly caught by an unseen villain.

She wakes up, very groggy, tied up and terrified wondering who caught her. The  struggle will be intense and lots of drooling will follow. Then she'll be moved to the bed, where her curvy body will be exposed in a spread eagle tie, for all to see.

And the struggle will get more intense and more loud once a vibrator is tied up, tightly against her exposed pussy. She will be on the verge of coming for a very long time, but will she be able to resist?

Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Black Cat, Caught, Bondage, mysterious, villain, super villain voyeurism, POV, Humiliation, Cosplay, Parody, Authentic Super-Heroine Costumes, nudity, struggling, drooling, ball gag, close-up, spread eagle, peril, Forced Orgasm, Super-Heroine in Distress

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