Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy

Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy

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Starring:Anastasia Pierce and Kendra James 

 3 stories - Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy, Diana Prince Special Delivery and Concrete Disposal Batgirl/Wonder Woman 

 The second installment of Anastasia's NEW Wonder Woman's Super-heroine fetish parodies, starring Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Kendra James as Batgirl and Poison Ivy. 

 in the first adventure - Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy 

 Wonder Woman is alerted by the authorities that "A dangerous micro bacterial solution was stollen from Botanical Biochemist professor Pamela Isley's residence. And that urgent help is needed right away. 

 Wonder Woman arrives at the residence of the professor and finds her in chains. She will use her power of strength to break the chains with her bare hands and free the professor. Then to thank Wonder Woman, the sexy red hair professor Isley offers a kiss for good luck. But the kiss turns out to be very bad luck... 

 Wonder Woman wakes up, tied up to a bondage rack and that's when she meets Poison Ivy for the first time. Poison Ivy has some devious plans in mind for Wonder Woman. Poison Ivy's will use her powers and her plants will become alive and attack Wonder Woman to smother her and suck every once of her life!! 

 She is in serious trouble!! Will she be able to escape? 

 Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Kendra James as Poison Ivy, authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, drained of life, energy sucking vines, bondage in ivy, test of strength, girl- girl, poisonous kiss, cloning , blow job, fucking, doggy style, Pussy worship, pussy licking, humiliation, peril, cosplay, trap,bondage rack, jungle, hardcore sex, pheromone cock, parody, weak, helpless, super-heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation. No escape, doom. 

 in the second adventure - Diana Prince Special Delivery 

 Diana Prince arrives home and opens her mail. An admirer sent her a very peculiar necklace with no notes of any kind. Intrigued, she tries it it on and completely forget about the necklace when her Phone rings. It's the White House. They need her immediately! 

Of course, She is ready for action and Diana tries to twirl to change into Wonder Woman several times but nothing happens. She is confuse but just doesn't have time to figure it out. So she changes the old fashion way by stripping her clothes and getting into her famous and very sexy outfit. But all the sudden her will is compromised. 

A strange power comes upon her and a spell is cast. She realizes it's the Necklace but is unable to take it of and Wonder Woman looses herself in the most naughty possible way...and she goes missing in action!Beat by an enemy. 

 Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Diana Prince , Wonder Woman, shiny pantyhose, Amazing and Authentic Wonder Woman Costume, SHIP, under spell, mesmerized, twirl, stripping, masturbation, lost of will power, forced into masturbation, explicit, parody, amazon, powerful woman, nudity, super-heroine in distress, overpowered fantasy

In the third adventure - Concrete Disposal - Batgirl / Wonder Woman 

A new Super-Heroine Peril Parody. With Quickset Concrete!! 

 After a big misunderstanding between Batgirl and Wonder Woman, Batgirl decides to "dispose" of Wonder Woman for good thinking she has become a serious danger for the White House. She ties her up and and seal her feet in solid concrete.. 

Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James, BatGirl, Wonder Woman, Bondage, SHIP, Wet and Messy, Quicksand, Mud, Concrete, Caught, Drama, Parody, Super villain, Outdoors, Humiliation, Cosplay, Parody, Authentic Super-Heroine Costumes, nudity, struggling, duct tape, boot destruction,domination, peril, Super-Heroine in Distress

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